In this section portable or portable measurement devices are displayed. Portable devices usually have batteries and can easily be moved. Portable devices are commonly used for temporary applications.

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0 نمایشگر و کنترل دی اکسید کربن HD81

4 رله خروجی
سنسور دی اکسید کربن سوئدی
1,000 ریال

7291 Gas Leak Detector

*Detect gas leakage of methane and propane
*Single color LED display 5 level leak
*Alarm and ready LED
1,000 ریال


CO2 range:400ppm~5000pp
Precision: ±5%rdg
18,650,000 ریال 1,771,000 ریال

UT373 Mini Tachometer

10.0~9999.9:RPM measurement
Up to 99999 display
3,300,000 ریال

GD-3303 Refrigerant Leak Detector

Pump driven field adjustable range:10ppm
Sensor Type:Solid State
16˝ inch Gooseneck detector
1,000 ریال

UT-372 Mini Tachometer

10.0~99.99:RPM measurement
Up to 99999 display
9,700,000 ریال 8,730,000 ریال

سنسور دی اکسید کربن

کد کالا HD۸۱
35,000,000 ریال

lux meter TES-1336A

light meter
Item Number:
29,900,000 ریال

Waterproof Multi-Function Pen Type Meters

Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements. Special viewing angle designed of waterproof housing IP 57 rated. It floats on water. Large LCD display pH or ORP or Conductivity or TDS or Salinity or DO and Temperature Simultaneously.
25,700,000 ریال

4 Input Thermometer / Datalogger

data logger temprature
item number:
40,300,000 ریال

Gauss meter TES-1390

Gauss meter,EMF tester
Item Number:
gauss.rang:200/2000milli Gauss or 200micro Tesla
16,500,000 ریال

data logger mic-98581

data logger temprature
item number:1474
Temp. range: -40-85°C
9,500,000 ریال

MP-103 Handheld pH Meter

Microprocessor based with splash proof housing. Simultaneous display pH and Temperature. Automatic or manual temperature compensation. °C/°F switchable Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 3 points buffer.
24,800,000 ریال

TES WM-03 Power Quality Data Logger

4Displays with W, PF, V, A
Easy Plug-in and Test
True RMS measurements
112,600,000 ریال

866B Digital Anemometer

Handheld Wind Speed Meter
Measuring Wind Speed
Measuring Temperature and Wind Chill
with Backlight and Max/Min
9,254,100 ریال


Measurement range:400 to 2000 ppm
Product Number: 004-0-0013
13,000,000 ریال

UTG2082B Waveform Generator

80MHz sine waveform output
25MHz pulse waveform
1μHz full-band resolution
320MSa/s sampling rate
1,000 ریال


Product number:033-9-0001
Measurement range: 0 to 30%vol
38,000,000 ریال

TES-1355 noise doze meter

noise dosimeters
Item Number:
Measurement range: 70 ~ 140dBA
80,600,000 ریال

TES-1380K PH Meter

Item Number:
52,400,000 ریال


Bandwidth: 100MHz
Sampling rate up to 1Gsa/s & 500Msa/s
1,000 ریال

TES-33 Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity:0 to 1200AH
Resistance Ranges : 4mΩ, 40mΩ, 400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω, 400Ω
DC voltage Range : 6V, 60V
Open Circuit Voltage:5V max
DC Current Range : 60A , 600A
184,800,000 ریال

Kimo Kigaz-100

Sensors protected with pump auto stop
Self test menu
Sensor O2 from 0 - 21 percent
sensor CO-H2 from 0 - 8000 parts per million
64,050,000 ریال

UT253B Large Jaws Leakages Clamp Meter

Leakage Current Range: 0.00mA~2000A
Voltage Range: 0.00V~600V
1,000 ریال

Regolated DC POWER Supply 60V-3A

Output 0~60V/0~3A
Constant voltage and constant current operations
11,100,000 ریال

carbon monoxide alarm GS811

CO range:20PPM to 999PPM
alarm for more than 85db
3,924,000 ریال

Regolated DC POWER Supply

Output 0~60V/0~5A
Constant voltage and constant current operations
23,900,000 ریال

Laboratury Regolated DC POWER Supply

Output 0~30V/0~10A
Constant voltage and constant current operations
13,400,000 ریال

digital humidity meter

Item Number: H301
295,390 ریال

HTC-1 Thermo Hygrometer

Item Number:304
545,000 ریال

carbon monoxide alarm GS811

CO range:20PPM to 999PPM
alarm for more than 85db
3,924,000 ریال

TA-288 Digital Thermometer

-50 degree Celsius ~ 300 degree Celsius
392,400 ریال