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An ammonia sensor (NH3) is used to measure and measure the concentration of ammonia gas in the air. An ammonia gas sensor or NH3 sensor is used in poultry, animal husbandry, oil refinery, gas refinery, petrochemicals, refrigeration and so on. Types of ammonia sensors are used to make detectors, analyzers, transmitters and controllers. The sale of ammonia sensors is offered in a single sensor store. The price of ammonia sensor varies depending on the ammonia sensor or the NH3 sensor manufacturer. Below, the price of the ammonia sensor and its types are presented.
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Ammonia Sensor NH3-B1

Range: 100ppm NH3 limit of performance warranty
Sensitivity: 25 to 45nA/ppm in 50ppm NH3
Response time t90: <60 (s) from zero to 50ppm NH3

Manning EC-FX-NH3 Ammonia Sensor

NH3 range:0-500 and 0-1000 PPM
Accuracy:± 5% full scale

TGS826 Ammonia Sensor

NH3 Detection range:30 -300 ppm

Membrapor NH3 gas sensors

NH3,Ammonia gas sensors
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