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HP-6206 digital clamp meter

DC Voltage: 500V AC Voltage: 500V AC Current: 20A~400A
$ 21

HP-850D 2000A AC/DC Clamp Meter

DC Voltage :400mV~1000V AC Voltage: 400mV~750V DC Current:200A~2000A AC Current : 200A~2000A
$ 93.36

HP-860D Clamp Meter DC/AC

DC Voltage:1000Volt AC Voltage:750Volt AC/DC Current:200A~3000A Resistance: 400Ω~40MΩ
$ 122.72

HP-870C Clamp meter

Voltage:1000V Measuring Current Range:200A-1000A Measuring Resistance Range:40MΩ
$ 58.92

HP-870MR digital clamp meter

DC Voltage Range:40mV/1000V
AC Voltage Range:40mV/750V
DC/AC Current Range:200A-1000A
$ 99.2

HP-6205 Clamp Meter

DC/AC Voltage:600V DC/AC Current:60A~400A Resistance :600Ω~60MΩ Capacitance : 9.99nF~99.9mF Temperature : -20℃~1000℃ Frequency:10Hz~10MHz
$ 58.92

HP-870A Clamp meter

AC Voltage:750V DC voltage:1000V Measuring Current Range:20A-1000A Measuring Resistance Range:2000Ω
$ 37.68

HP-870E Clamp Meter

DC Voltage: 1000V AC Voltage: 750V AC Current: 2000mA ,1000A


DC Voltage:600mV~1000V AC Voltage:600mV~750V DC/AC Current:600A~1000A Resistance:600Ω~60MΩ Capacitance 9.999nF~99.99mF


DC Voltage :1000V AC Voltage:750V AC Current :200A~2000A

HP-870D Clamp Meter

DC Voltage:300.0mV~1000V AC Voltage: 300.0mV~750V DC Current : 30mA AC Current:3A~1000A Resistance:300Ω~30MΩ Capacitance:3nF~30mF Frequency:10Hz~100kHz

HP-870F digital clamp meter

Voltage Range:0.5V-600V
Current Range:0.3A-500A

HP-870G digital clamp meter

DC Voltage Range:200mV/1000V
AC Voltage Range:200mV/750V
AC Current Range:2A/20A/200/800/1000A

Leakage Current Clamp Meter HP-870K

DC Voltage:400mV~1000V AC Voltage:400mV~750V DC/AC Current:400mA~30A Resistance:400Ω~40MΩ Capacitance:40nF~100μF Temperature:-20℃~1000℃ Frequency:5.12Hz~100kHz

LCR Meter MCR-154

● New style holster, stream line design ● Large LCD display, unit symbol display, easy and clear reading ● Strong antimagnetic and anti-jamming functions

3phase Power Analyzer TES-3600

Power KW, KVAR, KVA, PF, θ ,Hz . 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W2M & 3P4W Power Measurement. Connectors for 4 Current Sensing Clamps
$ 1364.8 $

Gauss meter TES-1390

Gauss meter,EMF tester
Item Number:
gauss.rang:200/2000milli Gauss or 200micro Tesla
$ 80 $

TES-1393 ElectroMagnetic Field Tester

Gauss meter,EMF tester
Item Number:
gauss.rang:20/200/2000milli Gauss or 2/20/200micro Tesla
$ 175.6 $

HP-4070L LCR Multimeter

Display- digit: 1999 Resistance : 20Ω -- 2000MΩ Capacitance : 2000pF -- 200μF Inductance : 20mH -- 20H


Bandwidth: 100MHz
Sampling rate up to 1Gsa/s & 500Msa/s & 250Msa/s

AC Voltage Detector MS8902

AC Votage Range up to 1000V


Measurement voltage:40-600 VAC


Measurement voltage:70-1000 VAC

MPS-265 DC Power Supply

1 channel 90W to 180W output Constant voltage and constant current operations

MPS-270 DC power supply

3 channels 195W to 315W output outputs: 0~30V/0~5A x2, fixed 5V/3A Minimum resolution: 100mV/10mA


Three independent controllable channels Output range 0-60V / 3Ax 2-CH Output range 0-6V / 3A


Single Channel Power Supply P3033

Fluke 1577 Insulation Multimeters

Insulation test : 0.1 MΩ to 600 MΩ Insulation test voltages: 50 V, 1000 V

Fluke 1587 Insulation Multimeters

Insulation test : 0.01 MΩ to 2 GΩ Insulation test voltages: 50 V, 100 V, 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V


bandwidth:25 MHz sample rate:100MS/s 5K record length


Bandwidth: 25MHz Sample Rate: 100MS/s Record Length: 5K


bandwidth:60 MHz sample rate:500MS/s 10M record length


bandwidth:60 MHz sample rate:500MS/s 5M record length


bandwidth:100 MHz sample rate:1GS/s 10M record length


bandwidth:100 MHz sample rate:1GS/s 5M record length

AFLEX 3007

Current Probes 3000A for PROVA 6830A Manual:300A, 3000A

PROVA 6802

Current Probes (1000A) for PROVA 6830A AC Current :0.04A to 1000A
$ 383.2 $


AC/DC Voltage up to 1000V Frequency range up to 99.99 kHz

DT-9935 Professional LCR Meter

Inductance Range: 20uH-2000H Capacitance Range: 20pF-20mF Resistance Range: 20Ω-2000MΩ Theta Range ±90 degree

DY4070G LCR Meter

Inductance Range: 200uH-20H Capacitance Range: 200pF-2000uF Resistance Range: 20Ω-20MΩ

DY6243G LCR Meter

Inductance Range:2mH-20H Capacitance Range:2000pF-2000uF

MS6013 Digital LCR Meter

Capacitance Range: 200pF-20mF

DT-3380 Clamp Meter

Voltage DC/AC:600V Current AC:1000A DC/AC μA/mA Current:5000.0μA/500.00mA Resistance:50MΩ

DT-3381 Clamp Meter

Voltage DC/AC:600V Current AC/DC:1000A DC/AC μA/mA Current:5000.0μA/500.00mA Resistance:50MΩ

AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter KEW 203

Voltage DC/AC:600V Current AC/DC:400A Resistance:4000Ω

AC Digital Clamp Meter KEW 2200

Voltage DC/AC:600V Current AC:1000A Resistance:40MΩ

TES-1500 Capacitance Meter

Capacitance Range 200pF/2n/200n/2µF/20µF/200µF/2mF/20mF 0.5% Accuracy. Overload Protection:0.25A/250 Fuse Protection
$ 51.2 $

TES-32 Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity:0 to 500AH Resistance Ranges : 40mΩ, 400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω Current ranges: 25mA, 2.5mA, 250μA,25μA Voltages:4V,40V
$ 506.8 $

TES-33 Battery Capacity Tester

Battery Capacity:0 to 1200AH Resistance Ranges : 4mΩ, 40mΩ, 400mΩ, 4Ω, 40Ω, 400Ω DC voltage Range : 6V, 60V Open Circuit Voltage:5V max DC Current Range : 60A , 600A
$ 894.4 $

Fluke DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer

Maximum frequency 1200 MHz Testing pair LAN cabling Manage up to 12,000 test results with full graphics

DSX-8000 Cable Analyzer

HDTDX/HDTDR diagnostic test times≈ 3 seconds Internal memory: 5,000 Cat 8 with plots 12,000 Cat 6A with plots Channel Adapter,Permanent Link Adapter: 2 GHz Range


Measure network capacity :10 Meg, 100 Meg, 1 Gig cabling bandwidth qualification Results storage Up to 250 qualification test results measuring Insulation resistance≥ 100 M Ω

Pro3000 Tone Generator and Probe Kit

a loud tone up to 16 km or 10 miles RJ-11 easily connect to telephone jacks with SmartTone™

IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner and Probe

IntelliTone digital toning eliminates noise and false signals diagnoses 10/100/1 Gb Ethernet link connectivity Tones safely and clearly on active networks Tests for continuity

Fluke Networks microscanner2

Multimedia Support graphical wiremap tests all common media types including : RJ11, RJ45, Coax

Wire Tracker MWT-100

Hunt signal transmission distance> 1Km
Internet cable order verifying
Adjustable sensitiveness of tracing
Headphone jack output

CAT-5 Lan Cable Tester TES-46

Connector : RJ45 and BNC
Category : CAT5
Faults Status : Opens, Shorts, Reversed, Crossed, Split Pair
$ 293.2 $

MRT-100 Phase Rotation Tester

Phase sequence test: Positive CW phasing Negative CCW phasing Input Voltage 70~600 V Ac

DY6013G Capacitance Meter

Capacitance Range:200pF-20000uF accuracy:± 0.5%+10

AC Digital Clamp Meter KEW 2007A

Voltage AC:400V/750V Current AC:400/600A Resistance:4000Ω

MS2016A AC Leakage Clamp Meter

AC/DC Voltage up to 600V AC Current up to 150A Resistance up to 40Mohm Capacitance up to 40mF Temperature:-20°C~1000°C

MS2006B AC Leakage Clamp Meter

AC Current:2mA/20mA/60A Resolution:0.001mA/0.01mA/0.1A

MS2010A AC Leakage Clamp Meter

AC/DC Voltage up to 600V AC Current up to 200A Resistance up to 20Mohm Temperature:-20°C~1000°C

MS2010B AC Leakage Clamp Meter

AC/DC Voltage up to 600V AC Current up to 600A Resistance up to 40Mohm Capacitance up to 100uF Frequency up to 100KHz Temperature:-20°C~1000°C

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