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کاشف مونوکسید کربن برند تستوگار

ولتاژ کاری:9 تا 40 ولت DC
محدوده دمای عملکرد:-10 تا 50 درجه سلسیوس

Carbon Monoxide Meter UT337A

CO Measure Range 0~1000ppm Accuracy ±5% or 5ppm
$ 92.16


CO measurement range : 0 to 999 ppm
$ 117.6 $


Measuring range CO2:0~9999 ppm Measuring range CO :0~1000 ppm


Measuring range CO :0~500 ppm


CO measurement range : 0 to 500ppm


Measuring range CO :0~500 ppm


CO range : 0 to 1,000 ppm

testo 317-3

Measuring range 0 to +1999 ppm

AZ 7701

Measuring range CO :0~999 ppm

CO-181 Carbon Monoxide Meter

Measurement Range:0 to 1000PPM Measurement Resolution:1PPM Accuracy:±5% or ±10PPM

Carbon Monoxide Meter GM8805

Detection of gas: air, carbon monoxide Measuring range: 0 ~ 1000ppm Resolution: 1ppm Response time: 60 seconds Sensor Type: Electrochemical CO sensor

Testo 335

Measure:O2, CO, CO low, NO,NO low, NO2, SO2 :calculated parameters like CO2, corrected NOxefficiency, excess air, dewpoint, and more


CO measurement range : 0 to 1000ppm

Kimo Kigaz-100

Sensors protected with pump auto stop Self test menu Sensor O2 from 0 - 21 percent sensor CO-H2 from 0 - 8000 parts per million

kimo kigaz-150

Step by step procedure Sensor protection with pump stopping Auto diagnostic menu

kimo kigaz-200

Step by step procedure Solenoid valve for protection LED light on the probe

kimo kigaz-300

four interchangeable sensors three pressure sensors LED light on the probe

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