autonics is Global Supplier of Controllers, Sensors and Stepper Motors

For over 35 years, Autonics has been satisfying the automation needs of our customers that utilize sensors and controls for their business needs. Autonics has been successful in providing our customers with quality and reliable products that they can count on. Autonics directly manufactures, with no outsourcing, automation components providing over 6,000 items to market in over 110 countries serving customers around the globe.

Our current product listing provides customers with vast solutions for all application requirements. Our extensive list includes; Temperature Controls, Panel Meters, Counter/Timers, Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Fiber Optic Sensors, Pressure Sensors, Transmitters, Encoders, Temperature/Humidity Transducers, Recorders, Digital Thyristor Units, Stepping Motors, SSR, Field Network Devices, and Graphic/Logic Panels.

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E50S Rotary Encoder

Diameter:50mm shaft diameter:8mm power voltage 12- 24VDC

HN3806 Rotary Encoder

Pulse Number: 360
Power source: DC 8-24V
Shaft diameter: 6mm
Outer diameter : 38mm

E50SP Rotary Encoder

Diameter:50mm power voltage:5V ,12- 24VDC

E100H Series Encoder

Diameter :100mm Shaft diameter 35 mm

E15S Series Encoder

Diameter 15mm Power supply:5 VDC ±5%

E20S/E20HB Series

Diameter 20mm Power supply:5VDC, 12VDC ±5%