Laserliner celebrates 20 years (1993 - 2016) in the manufacture of professional tools for measuring, detection and leveling. Based in Germany, the team have developed a broad range of solutions that are both innovative and use friendly.

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Laserliner MultiFinder Plus

Depth Range
Wooden Stud / Metal Beam: Up to 4cm
Iron/Solid Bar: Up to 10cm
Copper / Water Pipe: Up to 5cm
Live Voltage: Up to 4cm

Laserliner DistanceCheck

Range: 0.05 to 20m
Measuring Accuracy:±2mm

Laserliner DistanceMaster

Range: 0.1 to 40m
Measuring Accuracy:±2mm

DistanceMaster Pocket Pro 080.948A

Range: 0.05 to 70m
Measuring Accuracy:±2mm