Winsen Electronics Technology is one of the professional manufacturers specialized in the R&D and mass production of gas sensor and module, and other sensors as PIR sensor, flow sensor, humidity sensor, instrument and equipment for gas sensors. Our company has developed various types of sensors to meet different clients' demands. Depending on years of R&D, we have mastered sensor production technology and became No.1 gas sensor supplier in China.

WINSEN pays attention to quality control and focuses on R&D. We are committed to the R&D of new gas sensor technology. We also have established wide cooperation with advanced researching institutes in China. This would be a new chance for our future development. Our goal is "to become your first choice in the gas sensing field, to supply favorable gas sensing solutions to you.

Gas sensor and module:
Detected gases:
Carbon Dioxide gas (CO2); Oxygen (O2); Ozone (O3); Alcohol(C2H5OH); Air Quality: TVOC,ETO; Smoke sensor; combustible gases such as methane(CH4),propane(C3H8),butane(C4H10),Hydrogen(H2), Toxic gases:CO,H2S,NH3,HCL,SO2,NO2,CL2...etc.
Gas sensor type: Semiconductor type; Infrared(NDIR)type; Flat surfaced type Semiconductor Sensor; Electrochemical(fuel cell)type; Catalytic; Solid electrolyte type; Thermal type; Hot wire type.

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MH-Z19 Carbon dioxide sensor

Measurement range: 0 ~ 1% VOL range optional Measuring Range:0~5000 ppm Accuracy:± 50ppm+3% reading value