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Mini Light Meter UT383

Range 0~9999 Lux,Resolution 1LUX
Range 0≥10000Lux,Resolution 10LUX
$ 22.2

lux meter TES-1334A

light meter
Item Number:
$ 78.4 $

lux meter TES-1339

light meter
Item Number:
$ 136.4 $

Light Meter/ Lux Meter MLX-713

Easy to use with pock size and light weight 3 1/2 digital LCD display with LUX, fc, LOBAT, MAX, HOLD indication Accurately display light level in terms of Foot Candles (Fc) or Lux Over wide range. Measures from 0 to 50000 Lux/ Fc in four ranges with resolution 0.1Lux/Fc .

LIGHT METER, 4 light type selection LX-1108

* Large LCD display with bar graph display. * 40.00/400.0/4,000/40,000/400,000 Lux. * Lux, Foot-candle unit selection. * Sensor meet C.I.E. spectrum, 2 filters.

LIGHT METER + type K/J Temp LX-1128SD

* Real time data recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be down load to the Excel. * 3 ranges, 2,000/20,000/100,000 Lux. * Lux & Foot Candle unit selection with default. * Auto range for light measurement.

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